• Dr. Ryan Corte

How To Improve Patient Experience | 9 Tips To Maximize the Patient Experience

Updated: May 3

Looking to improve the patient experience at your practice? Defining what and how you want your patients to feel at your practice is critical to your overall success. But how do you maximize every patient encounter so your patients are comfortable and satisfied with their visit?

In this video, I share with you 9 things I do at every patient encounter to maximize the overall experience and satisfaction.

Video outline:

  • 0:00 Introduction to maximizing the patient experience

  • 1:12 1) Smile

  • 1:44 2) Name pronunciation

  • 2:30 3) Check-in personally

  • 3:23 4) Complement

  • 4:18 5) If they appear to be in a bad mood, be extra kind

  • 5:02 6) Ask them how they spend their time (work/life)

  • 5:35 7) Ask them about their hobbies

  • 6:18 8) Answer all of their questions

  • 7:07 9) Provide them with additional resources

  • 7:56 How do you WOW your patients?

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