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Here's Why I Use Doctible To Maximize Online Reviews (and Communicate With Patients)

Updated: May 26, 2022

At my practice, I’m responsible for managing the patient experience and our online reputation. As a result, these are things I think about all the time!

Did you know that 77% of patients read online reviews before booking an appointment with a doctor? With this in mind, when was the last time you took a look at your practice’s online reputation?

How effective are your patient communication and recall strategies? If you’re not using text messaging, you should be! Honestly, most patients prefer text messages over phone calls.

At a recent networking event, I was chatting with a colleague about the importance of Google reviews and how effective they are at driving new patients to the office. He raved about his success using Doctible so I reached out to their team to give it a try. Upon doing so, I can honestly say our online reputation has skyrocketed and we’ll never look back!

In this article, I’ll review what you need to know about Doctible, including details on their flagship reputation management solution.

Doctible is easy to set up

Prior to finding Doctible, I was using another reputation management software that required me to manually export patient information from our EHR and upload it to their dashboard. Unfortunately, this often decreased the time between the patient’s appointment and our feedback request. These manual steps were time-consuming and less effective (since there were days we didn’t get to it).

Fortunately, Doctible integrates with most popular EHR’s in medicine, dental, optometry, and rehab. Personally, I use RevolutionEHR and was able to get Doctible set up in no time. Now our patient feedback request is automated - which has been a huge time saver!

Doctible is extremely effective 

First and foremost, let me highlight the fact that you have to provide an excellent patient experience for any reputation management solution to improve your practice’s online presence.

With this in mind, Doctible has been extremely effective at our office. The system prompts next day text messages to patients seen the day before, asking them for feedback on their visit. When the click on the link, they’re taken to a page that has “Review us on Google” and “Review us on Facebook” in green and “How can we improve” in red.

Three important things to consider here

First, the simple options for leaving feedback naturally prompts patients to either leave a public review or private message on how our office can improve.

Second, I’ve seen an increased number of conversions with Doctible’s text message request over email solutions I’ve used in the past - especially when sent the next day.

Third, Doctible allows doctors to monitor feedback requests before they’re sent. Personally, I love this feature as it allows our team to remove feedback requests from patients who may have been upset due to factors out of our control (i.e. unexpected insurance co-pays).

To date, our reviews have increased by 1400% at our new office and 200% at our established office!

Doctible has more than reputation management solutions

While their reputation management solution is my personal favorite, Doctible also offers customers the opportunity to perform the following:

  • Easily communicate with patients through secure, HIPAA compliant texting using a web-based dashboard.

  • Implement 24/7 online appointment scheduling.

  • Sent automated appointment reminders, confirmations, and recalls.

  • Provide smart patient financing that can be prequalified in as little as 30 seconds.

  • Payment Collector to help with aging balances, online intake forms, email campaigns, custom websites, and a website chatbot.

Doctible is convenient and consistent

Doctible’s automated solutions really help drive patient feedback and compliance. For example, patients that don’t respond to the initial (next day) feedback text message receive a follow-up text 2 (business) days later.

Furthermore, Doctible’s online appointment scheduling and HIPPA compliant text messaging system provides you with a safe, secure way to communicate with your patients, improve customer service, and decrease no shows.

Personally, I find the Doctible dashboard easy to use and love that I can access it from anywhere (something that comes in hand when working from home).

Doctible won’t break the bank

Whenever I implement new technology at our office, I always take into consideration the return on investment (ROI). The nice thing about Doctible is that it provides fantastic digital solutions at an affordable price and with an immediate ROI. You can bundle all of their solutions together or pay a la carte for individual features.

Tip: For the best pricing, I recommend bundling all of their solutions together.

Final thoughts

In the end, Doctible is an investment in your practice’s customer service and online reputation. Once implemented, it’ll help you generate more online reviews, decreases no shows, and improves patient satisfaction. Looking back, I thankful we did and wish we implemented Doctible a long, long time ago!

Are you ready to explore how Doctible can help you grow your practice? Schedule a demonstration today!

Disclosure: I'm a Doctible Marketing Partner and will receive a small commission if you sign up using the links above.

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