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How To Respond To Google Reviews (Both Positive and Negative)

Updated: May 3

In 2020, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses and 96% also read businesses’ responses to their reviews.

Therefore, getting reviews and responding to them is critical for your business!

So how do you respond to google reviews as an owner? In this video, I'm going to share with you exactly how I respond to both positive and negative google reviews.

Video outline:

  • 0:00 Introduction to responding to Google reviews.

  • 2:54 How to respond to positive reviews.

  • 3:14 1) Do so in a timely fashion.

  • 3:41 2) Use their name in the response and thank them for the feedback!

  • 4:07 3) Take into account grammar, readability, and keywords.

  • 4:41 4) Invite them back soon and ask them to refer their friends.

  • 5:05 5) Repurpose reviews on your website, social media, and internal marketing.

  • 5:39 How to respond to negative reviews.

  • 5:57 1) Take a deep breath and research why the bad review occurred in the first place.

  • 6:29 2) Reach out to them to learn more before responding online.

  • 6:53 3) Ask questions to improve clarity.

  • 7:16 4) Be professional and take ownership when you or your team was in the wrong.

  • 7:54 5) Use their name in the response.

  • 8:10 6) Promise to do better in the future (and follow through on that promise).

  • 8:41 7) Present the facts and clarify any misunderstandings (when necessary).

  • 9:18 8) Leave a number or email for them to discuss things further.

  • 9:38 9) Sign off with your name or initials (real person).

  • 10:02 BONUS - How to get customers to remove negative Google reviews.

  • 11:18 How do you respond to reviews on Google?

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