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Virtual Job Shadowing Tips and Questions To Ask

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

What is virtual job shadowing and how do you do so?

Looking for virtual job shadowing tips and questions to ask?

These videos highlight exactly what virtual job shadowing is as well as provide you with tips and questions on how to make the most out of your remote job shadowing experience.

Video outline:

  • Introduction to job shadowing.

  • Identify a connection to shadow.

  • Understand what your shadowing virtually will look like.

  • Questions to ask while shadowing.

  • Important things to do before virtual job shadowing.

  • The day of the job shadow.

  • Follow up with a thank you.

  • Virtual job shadowing ideas.

  • Leveraging the power of social media.

  • Final thoughts on virtual job shadowing.

Video outline:

  • Introduction to job shadowing questions.

  • Questions about their profession.

  • Questions about the company.

  • Questions about their position.

  • My favorite job shadowing questions.

  • Final thoughts on questions to ask while job shadowing.

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