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The Most Significant Benefits of Job Shadowing

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

So what are the benefits of job shadowing?

In this video, I share the most significant benefits of job shadowing including the importance of job shadowing to best position your career.

As most of you know, I'm a huge advocate of job shadowing. It's an important part of molding and shaping your career early on.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of job shadowing for you to consider.

Job shadowing allows you to test out career paths

I find it crazy that we expect high school and college students to know exactly what they want to do in their careers.

Personally, I find job shadowing allows you to get a "peek behind the curtains" of career pathways you're interested in.

Unfortunately, if you jump into a career pathway and you don't like what you see, you could end up in debt and feel compelled to stick it out.

This is in contrast with those who shadow and work in various industries to test out what suits them best.

Job shadowing further defines your career path

Every time you accept a job shadowing opportunity, you learn more about what you like and what you don't like. Over time, this experience helps you determine what you want to do with your life.

Everybody's career path is different. Taking the opportunity to look into multiple different career options through job shadowing is extremely valuable.

If you don't have the opportunity to job shadow in person, consider doing it virtually. Also, there are a ton of great "a day in the life" videos on youtube and wonderful career resources available online.

Job shadowing helps you learn about a company’s environment and culture

Job shadowing is an incredible way to visit a company and see how everyone interacts.

Right away you'll be able to identify if the employees are happy there and work well together.

You'll also observe those in senior roles and see how they lead. Plus, you can evaluate the company culture and see if it's one you want to avoid.

Job shadowing allows you to learn from the experience of current employees

Personally, I recommend that you ask those you shadow questions about their experience and what to expect on a day-to-day basis.

Furthermore, watch how they navigate their workday and learn as much as possible.

Job shadowing helps you build professional connections

If somebody allows you to shadow them, it's a clear opportunity to get to know them better.

Listen to what they have to say and build a relationship with them. This is a very valuable experience and a great way to build your professional network.

People work with and hire people they like. When you develop a genuine connection with the people that you shadow, you're expanding your network and keeping the door open for opportunities in the future.

Job shadowing helps you learn practical skills

Some job shadowing opportunities are really hands-on.

For example, imagine you're shadowing a small business owner. During the process, you are asked to perform simple operational tasks and interact with customers. This is a great way to learn new skills and see if the job is something you want to do on a daily basis.

Job shadowing helps you define the pros and cons of a job or career path

I got a secret for you, no job or career path is perfect.

Fortunately, job shadowing helps you identify the pros and cons of particular career paths. This allows you to figure out how various career paths align with your goals and values.

Job shadowing helps you further identify strengths and weaknesses

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Shadowing allows you to walk into a company and see how your strengths and weaknesses line up.

For example, if you're really good with people and you discover most of the jobs in the career path you're interested in never interact with others, is it really a career path that you want to go down?

Job shadowing provides you with a safe opportunity to ask questions

When job shadowing as a high school or college student, you won't appear as competition to those you shadow.

Meeting with them in person provides you with the perfect opportunity to ask candid questions and get honest, unprepared answers.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you now see that there are so many wonderful benefits to job shadowing. If you haven't done so already, do some research and start planning what industries you want to shadow!

What questions do you have about the benefits of job shadowing? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for my next video where we can reflect and grow stronger together.

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