• Dr. Ryan Corte

How To Pay Off Optometry School Student Loan Debt As Quickly As Possible

Updated: May 3

Looking to pay off your optometry school student loan debt as quickly as possible?

Dr. Ryan Corte shares with you proven strategies on how to pay off optometry school debt, including a few things you must avoid along the way.

Video outline:

  • 0:00 Introduction to paying off optometry loan debt.

  • 0:57 1) Budget like a student.

  • 1:56 2) Consider high-income potential jobs after graduation.

  • 2:47 3) Apply bonus income to your loans.

  • 3:15 4) Fill-in to make extra money.

  • 3:57 5) Pay off loans faster than scheduled.

  • 4:33 6) Make extra payments each month.

  • 4:53 7) Refinance to reduce your interest rate.

  • 5:22 8) Make biweekly payments.

  • 5:39 9) Use the debt snowball method.

  • 6:11 Disclaimer on the process.

  • 7:14 What steps are you going to take to know out your student loan debt?

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