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What's the Best Optometry Mode of Practice? | 9 Optometry Practice Settings Compared

Updated: May 2, 2022

Wondering what the best optometry practice mode of practice is?

Curious about the pros and cons of various optometry practice settings?

In this video, I review what you need to know about 7 clinical optometry practice modalities and 2 non-clinical practice modalities. I also highlight tips on how to figure out which optometry practice setting is right for you!

Video outline:

  • 0:00 Introduction to different optometry modes of practice

  • 1:17 Private practice optometry

  • 3:01 Corporate sublease optometry

  • 4:59 Corporate employed optometry

  • 6:25 OD/MD (Optometry/Ophthalmology) practice setting

  • 7:34 Hospital-based optometry

  • 8:17 VAMC optometry (veterans affairs optometry)

  • 9:01 Optometry academia

  • 9:47 Optometry research

  • 10:49 Optometry industry (eye care industry)

  • 11:28 4 tips to help determine the best mode of practice for you

  • 11:53 Shadow various optometry practice modalities

  • 12:17 Do an optometry residency

  • 12:52 Fill-in at offices that are in a different practice setting than your full-time position

  • 13:30 Keep an open mind as you progress in your optometry career

  • 14:10 What's your favorite optometry practice setting?

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