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Why Optometry? | Why I Became an Optometrist

Updated: May 2, 2022

Considering optometry as a career path?

Curious what optometrists do and how they can improve your quality of life?

Wondering why you should consider the profession of optometry?

In this video, I highlight what you need to know about the field of optometry, including modes of practice, subspecialties, income potential, and the many reasons you should consider optometry as a career path for yourself!

Video outline:

  • Introduction to optometry

  • Optometrists make a difference in their patient's lives

  • Optometrists practice to a really high level

  • People love seeing their optometrist

  • The work schedule of an optometrist

  • Optometry job outlook

  • Optometry modes of practice

  • Optometry subspecialties

  • Optometrist income potential

  • Incredible people work in the field of optometry!

  • Small business optometry

  • Final thoughts on the profession of optometry

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