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Why Optometry? | Why I Became an Optometrist

Why optometry?

In this video, I reveal why I decided to become an optometrist, including the many reasons you should consider optometry as a career path for yourself.

1) Optometrists make a difference in patient's lives

Optometrists are healthcare professionals that have the ability to evaluate patients' eye health and vision.

They are able to prescribe contact lenses or glasses, detect diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts, and manage any diseases of the front surface of the eye including dryness, irritation, and eye allergies.

The profession of optometry is incredibly versatile, and the work of optometrists makes a huge difference in their patients' lives.

2) Optometrists practice at a really high level

Optometrists have the ability to practice to a really high level.

They have a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and function of the eye and are able to detect and treat various eye diseases that could be occurring all throughout the body.

3) People love seeing their optometrist

Unlike some healthcare professions, people actually love going to see their optometrist.

Optometrists are respected in the community and are often an integral part of the healthcare system.

They get to know their patients and have good conversations with them. People feel comfortable going to see their optometrist because they know they will receive quality care and attention.

4) The work schedule of an optometrist

One of the great things about being an optometrist is the ability to have a flexible work schedule.

Optometrists can work part-time, fill in, full-time, evenings, or weekends. This flexibility allows optometrists to balance their work with their personal lives, which is something that is very important to many people.

5) Optometry job outlook

The career path of optometry has a really good outlook for job opportunities.

Optometrists can work in a number of different practice settings, including owning their own office, working in a huge healthcare system, or working in a sublease setting where they sublease space next to a corporate entity and run their business next to them.

The growth in the field of optometry is continuing to occur, and the opportunities are only increasing.

6) Optometry modes of practice

There are a number of different modes of practice within the field of optometry.

Optometrists can own their own office, work for corporations, work in a VA or medical system for ophthalmologists, research, work in academic institutions, work for industry, and much more.

There are a ton of opportunities within this profession, making it a great career choice for anyone looking for variety and diversity.

7) Optometry subspecialties

Optometry also has a number of sub-specialties that optometrists can specialize in and become known for within the industry and their community.

Some optometrists enjoy fitting specialty contact lenses, while others enjoy binocular vision and vision therapy.

Some love seeing the pediatric or geriatric population, while others really thrive on providing advanced ocular disease management.

There are even some optometrists that can provide surgical remedies for their patients.

8) Optometrist income potential

As an optometrist, the potential for a fantastic income is within reach whether you choose to work for someone else, for yourself, consult, or conduct research.

There are numerous avenues to make an honest living and support your family. This fact is something I find truly awesome as I strive to provide for my loved ones in a responsible manner.

9) Incredible people work in the field of optometry!

One aspect of the optometry profession that I find remarkable is the outstanding people within it.

I have a great appreciation for my colleagues and industry partners, including corporations and pharmaceutical companies.

They have been incredibly supportive of eye care professionals, and I have found that the profession as a whole fosters genuine care for one another, our families, our practices, and our communities.

The opportunities to interact with peers, network, and build rapport are invaluable.

10) Small business optometry

Optometrists also have the unique ability to run a small business within the healthcare space, which is becoming increasingly rare in healthcare's current trend toward verticalization.

There are still opportunities for independent optometry or subleasing optometry that partners with corporations, which are very viable ways to operate a small business in your community.

Why optometry? Why not?

The gift of sight is a beautiful thing. Optometrists are provided the opportunity to maximize and preserve their patient's eye health and vision. I've personally been very happy with being an optometrist and know that you will too!

What are your thoughts on the profession of optometry? Let me know in the comments below!

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