• Dr. Ryan Corte

North Carolina State Board of Optometry Examination | How To Prepare For NC Optometry Boards

Are you interested in practicing optometry in North Carolina but anxious about taking NC optometry boards?

In this video, I share with you everything you need to know about North Carolina Optometry Boards, including tips to prepare for and pass this daunting exam!

Video outline:

  • 0:00 Introduction to North Carolina State Optometry Board Examination

  • 0:51 My NC Optometry Boards Story

  • 1:57 In order to practice optometry in North Carolina you must...

  • 2:32 Registering for the North Carolina Optometry Board

  • 3:06 North Carolina State Optometry Board Examination Format

  • 4:52 Tips on how to best prepare North Carolina State Optometry Board Examination

  • 5:02 Know the NCSBOE study guide inside and out

  • 5:52 Review lots of case photos and specialized testing

  • 6:35 Study consistently and perfect verbalizing cases out loud

  • 7:29 Practice time management

  • 7:58 Complete the entire exam

  • 8:51 Be specific

  • 9:38 Relax!

  • 10:15 How are you preparing for the NC State Optometry Board?

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