• Dr. Ryan Corte

12 Life Lessons Learned From the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: May 3

In this video, I’ll highlight 12 things I learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, including a call to action for each. Watch til the end - the last 2 points are the most important!

Video overview

  1. Life will be different after this pandemic is over.

  2. It's OK to admit when you're not well.

  3. An emergency fund serves a real purpose.

  4. The little things in life are meant to be appreciated.

  5. Working from home is here to stay.

  6. Online learning is the future of learning.

  7. Telemedicine has significant value.

  8. Genuine human interaction can’t be replaced by technology.

  9. I took restaurants, travel, and live entertainment for granted.

  10. Public health is really important.

Watch the video below for CTAs and the last 2 points!

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